“The Lineman”

“The Lineman”

He walks through the door at the end of his day,
just kisses his wife he has not much to say.

His brain is still tired from working lines hot,
Its a lineman thing this tired brain he's got.

From watching each move he's made all day long,
To watching his buddy so nothing went wrong.

High in the air they work hot primary,
I've heard people say that job's just too scary.

With his hands still wrinkled from wearing the gloves,
He touches the face of the woman he loves.

His boots feel so heavy as he unties the laces,
They're old, worn and dirty they've been many places.

With his head in his hands he takes in a sigh,
And thanks the good Lord today he didn't die.

With a thin rubber glove protecting his life,
The Lord brought him home to be with his wife.

Some say he's crazy to work like he does,
He can't see the juice he can just hear it buzz.

But he made it home safely and tonight he'll pray,
That tomorrow God walks with him through one more day.

"The Lineman"
-Steven Crawford; Mississippi Power Co.

Teresa, Belen,NM