Thank you

Thank you for supporting our communities!

Lisa, Albuquerque, NM


Want to stop by and send a message to all my SILVER CITY and DEMING LINECREW!

You guys are awesome and thank you for everything! Your communication, dedication and amazing attitudes!!

Vanessa, Silver City


Wanted to say Thank you so much for all that you do for our community!

Eloisa Yvonne, Albuquerque

Thank You Lineman

Thank You all for what you do, without you I would be in the dark.

Michael, Albuquerque NM

Out in the Open, but Behind the Scenes

Electric service is critical infrastructure because it enables all other utilities and services; electricity is necessary for all aspects of modern civilization. And linemen are critical to maintaining and improving electric service, so when it comes down to it:

Y'all are responsible for the future of our society and the well-being of everyone in PNM's service area – no pressure. 😉

Thank you for everything y'all do, from resetting tripped residential transformers to rebuilding entire 345kV transmission lines to erecting giant puppets for symbolic immolation. You and your work are very important to us all, even if not well known or visible until the lights go out.


Russell, Albuquerque NM


I work with the very best.
Thank you for all you do.
You are always there to help our customers and make sure the power is back on.
I appreciate all of you!!!!

Sandra, Albuquerque, NM

Thank You Linemen!

Thank you for all your hard work – both the daily and during emergencies. Your work is often overlooked but it's critical not only to the company but to the larger community as a whole. I appreciate you for choosing to do what you do!

Lana, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you!

Thank you for working so hard and diligently to keep all of our lights on! No matter the hour, my family knows that our electricity will be taken care of. A special thank you for the extra hard work put in through the damaging winds NM had on multiple occasions!

Kaylie, Bosque Farms, NM


Thanks for all you do. I imagine much of your work goes unrecognized or unthanked, but what you do it valued and appreciated!

Heather, Albuquerque, NM