Thank a lineman for lighting up New Mexico

Lineman Appreciation Day is on April 18, and this national day of recognition is an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the work that PNM linemen do every day.

Whether in extreme heat during the summer months or bitter cold and wind, electrical lineworkers build, maintain and repair the power grid to ensure communities have access to reliable electricity. PNM crews rush out into a storm and work in other dangerous conditions to keep the power flowing to families here in New Mexico. PNM would like your help in thanking them.

Help us say “thank you” -  Call for artwork.

We would like your help in thanking our linemen for their hard work. We are inviting customers to ask their kids to create artwork of linemen at work, or art that shows how/why they appreciate linemen and the power they help provide to their families. Once your kid(s) have finished their artwork, snap a picture of it on your phone, and upload the picture here on this website. We will share the art with our crews and post them on PNM social media pages.

We will be accepting artwork through the entire month of April. Once you have uploaded your child’s artwork below, the art will appear in real time on this page along with all of the other art from families here in New Mexico.

drawing children image
Child drawing picture with crayon  in album using a lot of painting tools. Top view. Creativity concept.

Submit Your Artwork Now

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